Microsoft will use AI to fight Windows malware

Microsoft will use AI to fight Windows malware



Microsoft is planning to use artificial intelligence to fight Windows malware. Using a wealth of data from its cloud-based services, the company will create a smart antivirus feature that will make Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection even better at preventing malicious attacks.

It’s part of a number of big security improvements coming in Microsoft’s next major update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update. It will allow ATP to instantly identify previously unknown malware on a PC, then quickly quarantine it and create a “signature” of its identity. This will then be used to protect other computers from the same strain of attack.

“The stack will be powered by our cloud-based security intelligence, which moves us from a world of isolated defenses to a smart, interconnected, and coordinated defense grid that is more intelligent, simple to manage, and ever-evolving,” Microsoft explains in a post on its blog.

Right now, it takes researchers hours to identify and block new…

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