How durable is the OnePlus 5?

How durable is the OnePlus 5?



The OnePlus 5 was only announced this morning, and JerryRigEverything’s has already performed a durability test. How did it hold up? Surprisingly well.

JerryRigEverything went through his usual tests. He started off with a scratch test of the front display, which rated as well as every other flagship smartphone he’s tested before (iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, G6), getting up to a level six on the Mohs scale. That’s about as well as you can hope for from Gorilla Glass 5.

He then moved on to the ceramic home button, which proved to be tough as nails. With a razor, no scratches were retained. Afterwards he tested out the metal front earphone grill and camera, both of which were resistant to scratches although the grill’s coat of paint was scratched off.

The body itself will take in scratches from a razor, taking off slabs of the Midnight Black paint. But for most…

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