Forget about repairing or upgrading the new Surface Laptop

Forget about repairing or upgrading the new Surface Laptop



If you’re planning to buy Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop, make sure you get plenty of RAM and storage on day one, because you can forget about upgrading it later. An iFixit teardown reveals the machine is even more difficult to repair than Apple’s MacBook. You can’t even get into it without causing serious, irreversible damage.

Just like Microsoft’s other Surface products, the Surface Laptop is an incredibly attractive device. It combines a premium aluminum shell with fancy Alcantara fabric for a unique and seamless look that requires no screws. But when it comes to “repairability,” that’s a bad thing. The new Surface Laptop is one tough nut to crack.

iFixit found that the Surface Laptop is literally glued together. The only way to get inside it is to remove the Alcantara fabric that surrounds the keyboard, and even if you manage to do that without…

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