A Roomba for your garden? It’s happening, and it’s awesome

A Roomba for your garden? It’s happening, and it’s awesome



Meet Tertill, it’s like a Roomba for your garden.

I love yard work. I enjoy gardening. I hate weeding. I absolutely despise the process of hunting down and rooting out garden plant parasites when I should be picking fruits and veggies, hanging out on my deck or grilling.

The thing about weeds that maybe some folks don’t realize is this: they grow best in the same weather that your plants need, but they grow even faster. If you don’t stay on top of them, they will quickly overtake your garden and squash your efforts.

Tertill is a robot that takes care of weeding for you. It’s solar powered, can be left in your garden permanently, is able to distinguish between plant and weed and should cost around $300.

Tertill is the product of Franklin Robotics, with Joe Jones as CTO. Jones worked at iRobot and was one of the people who initially proposed the Roomba.

Jones spoke with Beta News about the Tertill, and here’s a bit of the exchange that I found really interesting.

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