My OnePlus 5 wishlist: more of the same

My OnePlus 5 wishlist: more of the same



It’s 2017, so I doubt OnePlus needs an introduction anymore, but let’s do it one more time just for fun. OnePlus, an offshoot of big Chinese phone maker Oppo, has been garnering global hype and adulation for its “flagship killer” phones since its first device launched in 2014. Taking a minimalist approach to both price and Android augmentations, the company has been delivering some of the best-value smartphones in recent times, and last year’s OnePus 3 and 3T models were easily among my top recommendations. If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S, or Apple iPhone, I’d point you in OnePlus’ direction without hesitation.

We’re just over a week away from the unveiling of this year’s iteration from OnePlus,…

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