PS4 vs Xbox One – Hardware

 PS4Xbox One
CPU8 cores AMD "Jaguar" CPU8 cores Microsoft custom CPU
Graphics CardAMD GCN CPU 1152 ShadersAMD Radeon 768 Shaders
Storage500GB 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive (built-in)500GB external hard drive
Optical driveBlu ray/DVDBlu ray/DVD
USB PortUSB3.0 (2 ports)USB3.0 (3 ports)
Wireless ConnectionEthernet, 802.11 b/g/n wirelessEthernet, 802.11 b/g/n wireless
BluetoothBluetooth 2.1
A/V HookupsHDMI output (4K Support), Optical output HDMI input and output (4K support), Optical output
Motion ControlPlayStation 4 Eye (not included), DualShock 4Kinect 2

PS4 hardware has better potential for gaming

The two consoles have similar hardware configurations, and PS4 has better performance overall based on its hardware configs. Considering some games may demand more power from the console, choosing a console with better hardware specifications will let the console stay longer in the market, and support more variety of games, hence hardware is an important consideration in this comparison.

PS4’s gpu is 50% better than xbox one.

The CPU for both PS4 and Xbox One are similar, both using 8 cores CPU , which is enough to powerful all of the games currently. For the GPU, the PS4 has 384 more shaders than the GPU for the Xbox One, it’s 50% more powerful technically, meaning that PS4 can handle more detail graphics than the Xbox One. After Microsoft realizing that they are fall behind, they have tweaked Xbox One GPU clock speed from 800MHz to 853MHz, it helps a bit but PS4 still has a better GPU than the Xbox one.

As PS4 has better GPU power, game manufacturers will optimize for its platform to produce game with better visual effects on the PS4. This does not mean that Xbox One couldn’t run those games, but the Xbox One may have some visual effects being removed.

PS4’s RAM is faster than Xbox one.

Both PS4 and Xbox One have 8GB RAM, yet PS4 RAM is GDDR5, and the Xbox One is DDR3. PS4’s GDDR5 is not the same as DDR5, but it has much higher bandwidth when compared to DDR3, usually used in graphics card to run intensive applications. While DDR3 are widely used in desktop computers. To solve the RAM bandwidth problem, te Xbox One has an 32MB eSRAM buffer that provides 100GB/sec bandwidth gap between the eSRAM and DDR3.

PS4 has better GPU and faster RAM, so it can run more intensive games than the Xbox One technically.

If you are comparing the consoles’ graphics power with the PCs, the PS4 is around a Radeon 7870, and the Xbox One is around a Radeon 7790. Radeon 7870 cost around USD$170, and the Radeon 7790 cost around USD$113.

PS4 and Xbox One are 8-10 times more powerful than its Predecessor

The PS4 and Xbox One are 8-10 times more powerful when compared to the previous generation PS3 and Xbox 360, so expect the graphics you played on a console to be a whole new level.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Graphics

So you know that the PS4 hardware is better than the Xbox One overall, but we still need to see how the difference in hardware will lead to actual graphic difference in-game experience.

We have gathered the graphic comparisons from different sources so to demonstrates that how the PS4 and the Xbox One performs.

PS4 vs Xbox One - Graphics comparison
PS4 vs Xbox One – Graphics Comparison with GTA5, source: GTA Series Video

The Xbox One has a brighter graphics output, where the PS4 can show a more detail graphics. For example, when you compare the sky of GTA5 in both consoles, PS4 got more clouds rendered in the sky, and the mountain is in higher contrast. In addition, the road below the helicopter seems to be more detail in PS4 than in Xbox One, it may due to the difference in brightness output through.

PS4 vs Xbox One - Graphic Comparison with Battlefield 4
PS4 vs Xbox One – Graphics Comparison with Battlefield 4, source: IGN

From the above screenshot, we can see that PS4 has a larger contrast than the Xbox One, which is consistent throughout the graphic comparison. Again, the Xbox One has a brighter output than the PS4, the PS4 seems to have the sky blur out due to the dust graphic effects, where Xbox One shows a brighter sky with less dust effects. Both of the consoles handle the game very well, so it comes to personal preferences when choosing which graphic seem to be more appealing to you.

PS4 vs Xbox One with Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
PS4 vs Xbox One – Graphic Comparison with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, source: IGN

Both consoles delivers stunning graphics in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, but the PS4 seems to have better “mist” effects when compared to Xbox One. The color is more vibrant in the Xbox One, where PS4 has a more natural color (may due to the “mist” effects in PS4)

PS4 vs Xbox One with Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag 2
PS4 vs Xbox One with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, source: IGN

Once again, the Xbox One has higher contrast overall, and the PS4 shows a more natural color. The main difference between the two consoles here is the renders of objects. For Xbox One, the objects look solid and vibrant. For PS4, the objects have a smooth texture, which make it look more natural overall.

PS4 vs Xbox One with FIFA15
PS4 vs Xbox One with FIFA15, source: DigitalFoundry

If you are a soccer fan and love playing FIFA15, then you must need to know this. The PS4 has a better graphic processing that allows it to run motion blur in the match, yet the graphics in Xbox One is sharper. Some people may actually hate motion blur effects in FIFA15, so it comes to personal preferences again. While it is no doubt that the higher graphic processing power in the PS4 let it to run more visual effects than the Xbox One, like the motion blur, dust effects, mist effects, etc. So if you consider more in the reality and natural graphics side, PS4 is your choice. If you prefer sharper graphics, brighter and vibrant objects, then Xbox One will be your choice.

Want to have more PS4 vs Xbox One graphic comparison? Click Here to Search on Youtube!

PS4 vs Xbox One – Design

Xbox One Console
Xbox One Console
PS4 Console
PS4 Console

Let’s talk about the size of the two consoles, Xbox One is 10% larger than Xbox 360, and it is larger and heavier when compared to PS4, although the size and the weight does not matter so much for game consoles.

PS4 vs Xbox One Size Comparison
PS4 vs Xbox One Size Comparison

The PS4 is approximately 275 mm wide, 53 mm high and 305 mm long, where the Xbox One is 263 mm wide, 80 mm high and 343 mm long. The dimension shows that the Xbox One is significantly bigger than the PS4.

The Xbox One looks like a black box with its typical Xbox logo on the front panel, while the PS4 has used a slanted design that makes it feels like more premium than the Xbox One. The Xbox One must be placed horizontally, where the PS4 can be stood vertically with a stand.

What about the noise of both consoles when playing games? Both PS4 and Xbox One run quietly in games, both consoles doesn’t have overheating issue that makes the fan over-spinning too much. If you wanna compare the noise between the two, I would say the Xbox One is slightly quieter than the PS4.

Both consoles come with a decent design, while the Sony looks more compact and it gives you the flexibility on how to place it at home (either vertically or horizontally). The Xbox One is larger in size, but there is nothing to complain as the design is fair enough for a console.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Software (User Interface)

PS4 – Software

The PlayStation Dynamic Menu

PS4 Dynamic Menu
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 Dynamic Menu

The PlayStation old XMB bar has been replaced with The PlayStation Dynamic Menu, using this feature you can see the content that is personalized to your usage, and showing friends update on the news feed for a tailor-made experience. The interface is responsive and faster than the old XMB bar, it is very intuitive and convenient to use.

Share Feature

PS4 Share Feature
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 Share Feature

The share feature allows you to share screenshots and game-play footage when gaming. Also, you can stream your game-play on game streaming services, like Twitch. This is a handy feature for the game streamers. The controller of PS4 has a share button, you can share individual game-play on Twitter and Facebook, or stream game-play on Twitch with a simple tap of the share button in the controller. You don’t need a PlayStation Plus membership to stream game-play video.

Friends Profile

PS4 Friends Profile
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 Friends Profile

By browsing your friends profile, you can see your friends’ broadcast and instantly join them in multiplayer sessions. Online multiplayer requires you to have a PlayStation Plus Membership, and it costs USD$50 per year or USD$10 per month. With PlayStation Plus Membership, you can play a bunch of free games, buy discounted games, etc.

Cross-game Chat

This is a feature missed in PS3, and it has included in the PS4.

Instant Resume Feature

PS4 Instant Resume Feature
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 Instant Resume Feature

The console will itself into low power state instead of being shut off if you turned off the console. So it is extremely fast to power it on again, and start playing right away. For system updates, it will try to run in the background to minimize the game loading time.

Basic Voice Commands

PS4 Instant Resume Feature
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 Instant Resume Feature

The PlayStation camera can recognize basic voice commands, such as shut down, power on, and opening games.

Xbox One – Software

Xbox One Software Interface
Xbox One UI

The Xbox One UI is inspired by Windows 8 tiles, it is clean and coherent with the Windows experience. The UI experience in Xbox One is an upgrade version from Xbox 360 experience, it is Windows 8 tiles-based, which give it a new fresh look for the console.

Voice Command

Xbox Voice Command Cheatsheet
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Voice Command Cheat-sheet

The addition of voice command in the Xbox One definitely changes how things works. It is “always on”, which means that you can talk to the console anytime, while you are in-game, home-screen, listening to music, watching a video etc.

Hand-based Gesture

Xbox One Kinect Gestures
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Kinect Gestures

You can use your hand to swipe through the screen and choose objects on-screen without using your controller. However, it is still not sensitive and accurate enough yet. We hope this feature will get some updates in the future to make it handy to use.

Friends App, Facebook and Twitter Integration

Xbox One Twitter Integration
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Twitter Integration

You can check what’s your friends are looking at in real-time, so you can instantly send a chat, talk to them, and game with them with the console. Microsoft knows that social is an important aspects for a console, so they have integrated the Facebook feed of their Xbox friends, this allows you to see what they are talking about right away. Apart from Facebook app, Microsoft has also integrated a Twitter app for inside Xbox One, so that you can also socialize with friends through Twitter. Twitter allows you to follow people, if both of you are following each other, you can see each other online status, activity, and achievements.

Snap Feature

Xbox One Snap Feature
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Snap Feature

Many apps can be snapped to the side of the screen, and you are always able to access that application. The snapping experience is fast and seamless, you can snap applications like Music, Skype, or even Internet Explorer.

Upload Studio

Xbox One Upload Studio
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Upload Studio

This Xbox feature is similar to the share feature that PS4 offers. The Xbox One can upload your game-play footage to game streaming platform, like Twitch. However, it requires you to subscribe to Xbox Gold Subscription Plan, which cost USD$60 a year. As you need the gold account to play multiplayer, so this is an additional feature for game streamers.

Great Multiplayer Experience

Xbox One Multiplayer Experience
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Multiplayer Experience

Microsoft has wonderful multiplayer experience because it has a “smart match” function that enable you to match with other player around you, and you can play with the people with similar skills to you.

All-in-One Home Platform UI Ready – You know, it’s Microsoft.

Xbox One, All-in-One Entertainment System
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One: All-in-One Entertainment System

Microsoft want the Xbox One to be the entertainment system in your home. They have integrated some apps to make this entertainment platform more complete. For example, huluplus, Netflix, Youtube, Music, Video, and Internet Explorer. What is more, they have also let you to connect your cable or satellite box and watch TV through the console, even with personalized channel guide. They have also integrated a NFL app that gives football games, live stats, etc. One additional feature is that Microsoft enables you to play digital games as they are downloaded from the store. The software of Xbox One will update in the background and it is very convenient.

Kinect 2 is Smarter – Enabling Voice and Motion control

Xbox One Kinect 2
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Kinect 2

How the new Kinect 2 works? For example, when you want to record the screen of the game-play, you can just say “Xbox, record that”, then the Xbox One will do the job for you. The process is hands free, that’s why you can do something you want while not disturbing your game-play. However, sometimes the voice control may need a few trials for the system to get your message, so… “be patient”. We can expect that this feature will be further improved in the future, throughout the life-cycle of the Xbox One.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Software Comparison

snap feature in xbox one is unique and awesome.

Snap feature in Xbox One is unique and can’t be find anything similar to this feature in PS4. The PS4 allows you to stream video without a PlayStation Plus membership account, while Xbox One requires you to have their gold account in order to stream game-play on Twitch. The multiplayer in PS4 is slightly cheaper than the Xbox One as the PlayStation membership costs USD$50 per year, while the Xbox Gold account costs USD$60 a year.

Xbox One has a TV feature where you can plug a cable box into the system and watch TV shows on your Xbox. Xbox software is a better overall entertaining system for family, while the PS4 has great UI improvements when compared to the PS3.

Xbox One has received an update on November 2014, and the following video shows some of the new features that have added to the Xbox One.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Controllers

Xbox One Controllers

Xbox One Controller
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Controller

Xbox One controllers have refined a number of aspects from its previous 360’s controllers. When you purchase Xbox One, they will give you one controller, additional controller will cost you USD$60 for each. It has wireless capabilities, but also able to be connected through the micro-usb cable, and it takes 2 AA batteries. The battery component has been integrated into the controller, and makes the controller feels more comfortable in hand. The overall shape of the Xbox one controller is similar to the 360’s, the thumbsticks are little smaller but feel more precise, and there is a nice non-slippy texture design on the thumbsticks so your thumbs can stick around them when playing the games.

Xbox One Controller Thumbstick
PS4 vs Xbox One – Xbox One Controller Thumbstick

The buttons are similar to the 360’s. The D-Pad is definitely nicer than the 360’s, the D-Pad in Xbox One controller is clicky and super responsive. The “start” and “back” buttons have been updated to new circular “view” and “menu” buttons, the functionality of the buttons will depend on different titles. Pressing the Xbox logo on the top will bring you back to the dashboard. It also has an improved headset jack that will brings clearer audio, kindly remind that the mono headset will be shipped with the Xbox One, the old Xbox 360 headset will not work for the Xbox One controller.

Microsoft said that gamers can use the Xbox One controllers on PCs, but still need sometimes for the games to be made compatible for this controller. It probably will become fully compatible with PCs when Windows 10 is officially announced, and Xbox will be integrated with Windows 10.

PS4 Controllers

PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers

There were some issues in the previous DualShock 3, shooters probably get annoyed with the old DualShock 3. Luckily, the DualShock 4 has been redesigned and is much better than the DualShock 3. The new shape of the DualShock 4 is more comfortable to hold, the sticks remain parallel to one another. The buttons are the same as the DualShock 3, it has a 4 face buttons, a D-Pad, and 4 triggers. The “Options” button is replaced with a “Select” button, and a “share” button is put on the controller for sharing game-play footage in social media or game streaming platform. Pressing the PlayStation logo will bring you to the SMB. The thumbsticks are clickable as button as well for anything that requires a L3 or R3 buttons. Above the thumbsticks, there are a 2-point touch-pad, which is also clickable as a button.

PS4 DualShock 4 Light Bar on Top
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 DualShock 4 with Light Bar on Top

The controller has improved motion sensing technology, and there is a new light bar on the top of the controller. The light bar can be used for identifying players, interact with the PlayStation camera, or react to the game you are playing. The controller comes with a mono speaker, and a stereo headset jack. The PS4 package comes with a mono earbud microphone that can plug-in to the PS4.

PS4 DualShock 4 with Mono Earbud Microphone
PS4 vs Xbox One – PS4 DualShock 4 with Mono Earbud Microphone

The PS4 package comes with one controller, and additional controller will cost you for USD$60. Like the DualShock 3, the DS4 also comes with internal rechargeable battery that can’t be removed. Unlike the DS3, it charges with a micro-usb cable instead of a mini-b cable. The controller is wireless and connects to the system via bluetooth.

Sony confirmed that this controller can also be used in PCs. If the DS4 is used in PlayStation 3, some of the functions may not work depending on different titles.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Exclusive Games Available

 PS4Xbox One
Role-Playing Games (RPG)DayLightD4
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornRyse: Son of Rome
Deep Down
Don’t Starve
Infamous: Second Son
Action Games (ACT)Mercenary KingsDead Rising 3
WarframeQuantum Break
Oddworld: New n’ Tasty
Unchartered 4
The Last of Us
Shooting Games (STG)Blacklight: RetributionCrimson Dragon
Killzone: Shadow FallHalo
The Order: 1866Sunset Overdrive
PlanetSide 2Titanfall
Primal Carnage: GenesisUntitled Black Tusk game
War Thunder
Ratchet and Clank
Racing Games (RCG)DriveClubForza Motorsport 5
Gran TurismoLocoCycle
Fighting Games (FTG)DC Universe OnlineKiller Instinct
Sports Games (SPG)Zumba Party Fitness
Kinect Sports Rivals
Real-Time Strategy (RTS)Transistor
Puzzle Games (PZG)Ray’s The DeadRabbids Invasion
Simulation Games (SLG)Zoo Tycoon
Other CategoriesBelow
Project Spark

PS4 vs Xbox One – Cross-Platform Games Available

 PS4 & Xbox One
Role-Playing Games (RPG)Dragon Age Inquisition
Final Fantasxy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3
Action Games (ACT)Metal Gear Solid V
Watch Dogs
Shooting Games (STG)Call of Duty: Ghosts
Battlefield 4
Star Wars Battlefront
Racing Games (RCG)Need for Speed: Rivals
Fighting Games (FTG)EA Sports UFC
Sports Games (SPG)FIFA Soccer 15
FIFA Soccer 14
NBA 2K14
NBA Live 14
Puzzle Games (PZG)Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

PS4 vs Xbox One – Pricing

 Pricing Shop Now at Amazon
PS4 + 2 DualStock 4 ControllersUSD$459.95
(Original $499.99)
PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle - Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us RemasteredUSD$479.00
(Original $519.97)
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet BlackUSD$50.93
(Original $59.99)
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Glacier WhiteUSD$49.73
(Original $59.99)
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Wave BlueUSD$48.83
(Original $59.99)

1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]USD$49.99
Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity BundleUSD$349.00
(Original $399)
Xbox OneUSD$367.44
(Original $399.00)
Xbox One + KinectUSD$482.95
(Original $499)
Xbox One + Kinect
Xbox One with Kinect: Assassin's Creed Unity BundleUSD$498.00
(Original $499.99)
Xbox One Wireless ControllerUSD$46.34
(Original $59.99)
Microsoft Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold MembershipUSD$48.39
(Original $59.99)

The price of the PS4 and Xbox One will differ from packages to packages. In general, the package price of PS4 will range between $399 (only console) to $550 (with some games bundled), while the package price of Xbox One will range between $367.44 (only console no kinect) (discounted deal) to $550 (day one special edition). If you are interested to buy a PS4 or Xbox One, check out the pricing table above. There are some discounted deals that you may want to check it out.

Which console would you like to buy? PS4 or Xbox One? Comment down below and let us know!

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    PvZ is not a xbox exclusive, it is also on PS4. (I’ve owned the game on the PS4 for months now)

    You are also missing a ton of PS4 exclusives including Bloodborne, Unchartered 4, Ratchet and Clank, etc. Your even missing ‘The Last of Us’ which was goty.

    • Thank you for your comment. We have revised the list with these games.

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    What about share play feature which is great and cant be found on xbox one?

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