1. Multiple Desktops and Sneak Peek in Windows 10

Windows 10 - Multiple Desktops
Windows 10 new feature – 1. Multiple Desktops

Are you envy for the multiple desktop feature in Mac OSX? If yes, then you don’t need to envy mac users anymore, finally Windows 10 got multiple desktop feature, which you can create different desktop environment for different usage, one for work, another for music, etc. This feature comes handy that anyone can easily create multiple desktops and deeply focus on what they are working on.

In addition, Sneak Peek feature comes with the multiple desktop. Now, you can view all your windows at a glance and switching between different windows in Windows 10 is easier than ever. Especially, this is very convenient for people that open a lot of windows at one time. By pressing the button on the right of the bottom search bar, you can activate this sneak peak multiple desktop feature.

2. Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana - Your Virtual Assistantin Windows 10
Windows 10 new feature – 2. Cortana: your virtual assistant

If you are waiting for the virtual assistant for Windows, here comes the “Cortana”. Cortana is the virtual assistant in Windows 10, where it can give suggestions, ideas, reminder, alerts, and more. It is similar to Google Now, but Microsoft do it one step further. You can read featured news from Bing, web history, and weathers.

From the search bar, you can type in anything and search the thing in your computer and on the web. You can open command prompt by typing cmd in the “Ask me anything” search bar. Cortana help you do searches on Bing if you type in a question or an item in the search bar.

3. Notification Center

Windows 10 Notification Center
Windows 10 new feature – 3. notification center

Finally. A Notification Center for Windows.

The windows notification in Windows 8.1 do not feel useful enough because of that pop-up notification lacks a center place to store it all, and we do not know what has been pop-ed up when we are away from PC. So, this kind of problem do not happen again in Windows 10, as Windows 10 have the notification center on the right (activate by clicking the button besides the clock on the right-bottom corner).

If you listen to music, the metro music app will integrate with the windows notification, and pops up what song are you listening now, I feel this feature has come handy enough. However, the notification feature is still very limited on the PC, we may need to wait for the developers to fully utilize this function in Windows 10. We like notifications on phone, same as PC.

4. Start Menu Comes Back! Integrating the design of Modern UI

Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 10 new feature – 4. start menu comes back

This is the smartest decision for Microsoft to bring back the start menu.

Why people keep their Windows 7 and not upgrading to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?  Neither has bring convenient on using a PC, all the features in Windows 8 do not keep things simple. The design of modern UI is great but it just takes too long for people to be familiar with the environment. The biggest point of failure for the “start menu” (metro UI) in Windows 8 is that it does not fit for a PC usage, your mouse do not want to click for chunky big icons, you want to keep things easy, and have more options available to choose with a mouse. It is great to see Microsoft has solved this problem in Windows 10, and Windows 7 users will not hesitate to upgrade when it is free and providing more values to them.

Okay, so if you asked “what if I want the original metro UI back with my PC?” Microsoft has made an answer for it.

Enlarged Modern UI integrates with start menu features
Enlarged Modern UI integrates with start menu features

This is the “full screen mode” of the start menu, it has a look similar to the one in Windows 8. This will be good if people are using their laptops in tablet mode.

5. New Clean Control Panel For Settings

A New Control Panel for Settings
The control panel got a redesign in Windows 10

Looking for settings? The settings in Windows 10 can be found in the start menu, much more convenient then accessing with charm bar in Windows 8.1. The redesign of the control panel makes it feel clean and simple, the settings feel organized and easy to be found.

6. Better Aero Snap

Aero Snap in Windows 10
It is familiar, but definitely user-friendly than the one in Windows 7 or Windows 8

All of us are familiar with the super user-friendly feature of Windows – Aero Snap. That is even better in Windows 10. They have modified it and when you snap a window to a side, they will suggest what apps (windows) can be snapped to the another side, so you can easily snap a side by side windows. This is a very well done feature in Windows 10, especially when you need to work on a large monitor.

Aero Snap in Windows 10 (2 left, 1 right)
Windows 10 – Snapping gets flexible

7. Metro Apps in Window Mode

Metro Apps in Window Mode
Windows 10 new feature – 7. metro apps in window mode

Using Windows 10 in your PC with a keyboard and a mouse, you will don’t like to use a mouse to click the object the design for tablet right? Now, Microsoft finally understand this point, and they give those metro apps a window. Yes. Windows by Windows. You can operate the metro apps like in Windows 8, and you can freely re-size the Windows and get the information you need.

Metro Apps in Desktop Full Screen Mode
Metro Apps in Desktop Full Screen Mode (Maximized)
Metro Apps in 100% Full Screen Mode
Metro Apps in 100% Full Screen Mode (without the start bar at the bottom)

8. Continuum Feature – Building Seamless Experience for Both Laptop Mode and Tablet Mode

Microsoft has rethink the process and make it convenient again.

There are a lot of 2-in-1 Windows laptops in the market, and they always provide two mode – laptop mode and tablet mode. Microsoft makes a great idea for matching the two experience in both devices, that is the continuum feature in Windows 10. The continuum feature will auto detects the mode that your laptop is in, whether in tablet mode or in laptop mode.

In Tablet mode, all Windows will automatically maximized for you and you can switch apps by swiping from the left edge of the screen just like the Windows 8, and this is very cool that when Windows are automatically maximized, you will get a better experience as a tablet, because the icons and buttons in metro apps have enlarged, you can easily reach them with your fingertips.

In Laptop mode, all Windows will restore back to their original size (that previous in laptop mode), so you can control the windows easily with track-pad or a mouse. The two in one idea comes with two different way to treat. Microsoft has rethink the process and make it convenient again.

9. Redesigned Windows File Explorer and Calculator

New File Explorer with Quick Access to recent files
Windows 10 new feature – 8. redesigned file explorer

The icons have become flat and the windows file explorer now has show recent files in the quick access panel. The overall look of the files explorer is cleaner and sharper, with a flat design. You can operate the file explorer just same as before but there is just some appearance changes going on.

Redesigned calculator in Windows 10
Redesigned calculator in Windows 10

The calculator in Windows 10 also got a redesign that applying the modern UI flat design again. This detail make the overall Windows 10 experience being coherent and premium. Microsoft did a great job on improving the user experience with the details in design language.





10. Easy Photo Editing With Photo App in Windows 10

Edit your photo easily with the photo app in Windows 10
Edit your photo easily with the photo app in Windows 10 (click to enlarge)

The photo app in Windows 10 works like a popular photo editing app goes with a tablet or mobile. It provides features like basic fixes (auto-enhance, rotate, crop, etc.), multiple filters, light control (brightness/contrast/highlight/shadow controls), color adjustment (temperature, saturation, color boost), and effects (selective focus and vignette).

It is very handy if you want to share some photos from your PC to Facebook or other social media, you can have some simple edits on it and share it with your friends. Happy sharing with the new photo editing app in Windows 10!

Try it out by yourself and install Windows 10 Technical Preview on your spare PC or virtual machines! We will have a steps-by-steps installation tutorial later on, stay tuned. We provide the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO download link first:

Happy testing and comment down below what are you impressions on the Windows 10?


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